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Located in the south end of Bellaire School in White Bear Lake, the Transition Program shifts to a new identity with the start of the 2014-15 school year – Bellaire Education Center (BEC). The new name, along with changing from a single teacher classroom model (used in typical elementary schools) to a multiple teacher subject-based model (used in typical secondary schools), was part of a year-long process to create a more cohesive learning environment and a place where students could feel like they belong.

The new schedule includes six periods for high school students, starting and ending in a homeroom with their assigned case manager. “This schedule will allow for more opportunities to rotate to different classrooms, increase independence and create opportunities to build new relationships,” says Erin Metoxen, BEC principal/manager. “We are excited that this new schedule will continue to support the individual needs of students, while promoting high expectations for both academics and emotional supports.”

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